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Canadian natural gas innovating growth

Canada ranks fourth on the list for its natural gas resources. According to Canadian industry estimates 1,382 trillion cubes of natural gas are available as of 2019. That would meet current consumption levels for 200 years.

Canada Natural Gas distribution utilities have spent more than $38B (CAD) in capital projects over the past ten years and in the safe and reliable operation and maintenance their current systems. Canadian Gas Association (CGA), member companies invested over $4.7B (CAD) during 2019.

The industry has improved extraction techniques. They also benefit from a vast and reliable transportation system and distribution system, which ensures that natural gas is always available in North America.

Today, more than 7 million Canadians are served by natural gas via 573,000 kms worth of pipelines and storage facilities. Two-thirds of Canadians have access to natural gas. The gas is used to heat homes, schools and hospitals in Canada. It can also be used to generate electricity, power industrial equipment, and fuel vehicles. It is reliable, cheap, efficient, and low in emissions.

Through more than 573,000 kilometers worth of transmission and delivery pipelines, the industry provides affordable natural gas for over seven million customers. Canadians not only use natural gas for heating their homes, businesses, and schools but also to generate electricity and fuel their vehicles and power industrial equipment.

Canada’s natural gaz distribution utilities have spent more than $38B (CAD) in capital projects over the past 10 years and in safe, reliable operation of existing systems. Canadian Gas Association members made investments of over $4.7Billion (CAD) during 2019.

The industry has improved its extraction methods. The industry has an extensive, reliable transportation system and distribution system. These conditions promise affordable natural gas for the long-term across North America.

Since 2000 natural gas utilities have been capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from distribution systems by more than 20 percent. This was all while the industry added over a million more customers and thousands upon thousands of kilometers worth of distribution lines.

Canada’s natural oil companies have invested over $1B (CAD) in energy efficiency programmes since 2013. This led to a reduction of gas consumption of approximately 33% in Canada and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 1.8 million tons.

Canada is increasingly seeking natural gas from communities, particularly in remote areas and Indigenous communities. In these communities, energy prices are high and energy systems may be less resilient. Canada’s natural gaz industry has made it a priority to engage with Indigenous communities. It works closely with Indigenous people from extraction until end-use.