Twitter Marketing Strategy Tools and tips to tap your customer base

Social Media Apr 24, 2023

I remember when I saw the first news of Twitter I asked myself what is the real purpose of Twitter? I could not see how useful Twitter would be for a variety of purposes, particularly those related to Internet Marketing. After a few weeks of trial and error, I must admit that Twitter is one of the most useful and delicious tools on the Internet. Most blog owners want to increase traffic for SEO. The more visitors, the better. How can Twitter boost your traffic? As many companies point out today, Twitter accounts for the majority of traffic.

More traffic will be generated if you tweet more. According to reliable sources, Google may account for over half of all traffic, and Twitter would make up the remaining 50 percent. Twitter logic says that the more content you post or share or simply use the 140 character limit, the better. This is because it will keep your site fresh.

When using hashtags trends, you should remember that Attention, interest, desire, and action are the main advertising principles. You can get attention by posting or sending interesting links to friends. A must is to add interesting people as friends. By following people you’re interested in, you can add value to the network. You can stay updated with their work whether they are a company or an individual. The more tweets that you display, the better. But remember to take a break, as I anticipate this would have its intricacies on the social level, which means people will be focused so much on twitting. And this will lead to you “tweeting” like a bird, not allowing to relax or allow your brain to work intensely. Also try to respect working hours, or go out with family or buy your wife chocolates.

Twitter gadgets and follow me buttons can be added to your blog or website to keep visitors interested. Twitter will provide you with free codes so you can paste them in your website or blog. You should add a Twitter widget or follow me buttons to your website, blog, or even your newspaper. Twitter provides free codes for you to paste on your site. Remember to always add a link from your website or blog.

These tools are very useful to your marketing campaigns:-Twitter Local enables you to see what users are doing at a particular location. This tool can also help you understand what is happening in that location.

Twellow lets you create a list of people you can follow on Twitter based off their interests or the opportunities they offer.

-People Search allows you search for people and companies by simply posting their Twitter names. Please don’t confuse this with Twitter Search.

Tweepsearch helps you identify specific targets, sex and work fields among your followers. It is an extremely useful tool when you have over 200k followers.

This tool allows you to check the location of your friends or family members. It also includes a map.

This tool allows you to monitor any buzz, direct replies, and any interesting topics. It allows you to expand your network and find the Tweets of a particular Tweeter.

Twist Flaptor enables you to keep track of hot topics on Twitter. Over here, you can view a graph that shows a complete protection of any specific topic.

-FriendorFollow will help you discover who is not returning your Twitter follow.

-Twittwall comes in handy when you need to post more information than 140 characters. This is a tool similar to micro blogging, where you can add your favorite mp3 song, video, photo or widget.

Internet blog promotion requires other resources, but it’s a lot of fun. Even internet marketing professionals find it hard to get visitors from Google and Yahoo. But with Twitter you can achieve a lot of your goals in a short time. In future articles, you will find more interesting Twitter tools.

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