Top 5 Blogger Gadgets You Should Use – Increase Your Blog’s Interest!

Are you looking for Blogger apps and gadgets that can be used for your blog? There are many options, but these three are sure to work like a charm.

#1 – HTML/JavaScript Believe it or not, this is one the best and most useful application. This application is used by many people to increase their sales and build their mailing lists. It’s an excellent way to install any type of mailing list javascripts or games. Every blogger should learn how to use it quickly!

#2 – Adsense
This is how most bloggers will monetize Advertisements will be used. One of the greatest feelings is to make money by people clicking on your ads. This is a great way to make a profit, and you should do it! Many people blog as a hobby, making supplemental income.

#3 – polls
You will love polls. They give you a good idea of where your visitors are coming in.

#4 – Video Bars
Videos bars are a great way to give visitors a visual representation about your blog. Scratch that, an animated visual representation of what your blog is about – 95% are visual.

# 5 Subscription Link
Why wouldn’t your readers return? The best thing a blogger can do is explain RSS and offer readers the chance to subscribe. Your subscription posts will be sent directly to your subscribed reader. It’s an amazing way to do this!

These are only a few of the gadgets you can use – you could also use page header, link list etc. These gadgets are limitless and can help you succeed as a blogger.

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