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8 Tips to Care for Your Soccer cleat dryer

You probably remember how you used to bang your feet against the brick wall when you were a kid. This was to remove mud. This was your method of keeping your cleat dryer clean, but there are better ways to accomplish the same goal. Let’s find out more.

A Common Myth

Hot water can cause damage to your cleats, so don’t use it. This trick is believed to shrink or loosen the leather. This will make the shoes fit better. This is a myth. It is not a good idea to soak your shoes in hot water. There are safer ways to wash your shoes.

Polish Them

Cream can be used to polish leather cleats to prevent them from drying out. This method is not recommended for shoes made of pure leather. After you have cleaned your shoes, make sure to apply the cream every time. This will protect your boots from cracks and prolong their life expectancy.

Avoid Intense Heat

Avoid putting your soccer cleats in direct heat sources like fire. This is especially important if you just cleaned your shoes. For example, the intense heat of the sun or dryer may dry out the leather on the cleats.

After Every Play, Take Off Your Shoes

Your cleats should be removed after each play and re-attached in the correct place. These cleats were not made for casual walking. If your leather shoes are worn on hard surfaces for a prolonged period, they may become damaged quickly.

Wash Your Cleats Well

You don’t usually clean your cleats well because you lack time or for some other reason. Some places may be missed, like tiny cracks or dents where dirt could get trapped. Your cleats may look a little dirty if they have dirt. Make sure to clean your shoes from every side.

Use a newspaper

You can soak up extra moisture by using newspaper after each wash. The newspaper will absorb the moisture and keep the shape of your cleats.

Be Gentle

It is best to clean your cleats with warm water. You will need a piece of cloth and warm water. Be sure to avoid using soap or any other cleaning agents. These substances can cause damage to the shoe’s structure.

Talk to an expert

Finally, if you don’t know how to care for your soccer cleats we recommend that you consult a professional such as your trainer. You may get some great tips and tricks that will make it easier to maintain your shoes. Instead of trying to fix your expensive cleats yourself, it’s better that you consult a professional.

These tips should help you take good care of your soccer cleats.