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Dairy products are great for you

Dairy is an important food group. However, dairy products have been unfairly criticized due to severe diets and over-dramatization of food allergies and intolerances.

A balanced diet is essential for our health. No one should eliminate major food groups from their diet unless a doctor recommends it. This could lead to a lack of vital vitamins and minerals.

How much milk should I consume?

Balance and reduction are key to your success in life. Your body may be damaged if you don’t consume enough dairy.

According to nutritional guidelines, each person should consume no more than 2-3 servings of dairy every day.

One serving could be a smallish bowl of yogurt, a smallish piece of cheese or a 200ml glass milk.

People who eat a severe low-fat diet might not have enough dairy. This is because the food group is too high in fat. You can still enjoy your favorite dairy foods by choosing low-fat varieties.

You can get the exact same amount of calcium from fat-free milk as whole milk. Plain yoghurt, low-fat frozen yogurt and low-fat cheese are great options to avoid the fat and still have a healthy dose of dairy.

What are the real benefits of milk?

We don’t know where to begin. First, dairy products are very rich in calcium as well as protein. Calcium is required by the body for strong bones and teeth. Protein is a building block for the body and helps it to repair and build itself.

Depending on the type of milk consumed, there are other core nutrients that can be obtained from this food source, including magnesium, folate, and vitamins A, D and E.

A diet high in dairy has other known benefits, such as helping blood clot and lowering the risk of stroke, high blood pressure and certain cancers like colon, breast, and heart disease.

You should now have a far better understanding of exactly why dairy products should be an important part of anyone’s diet. Go to the shop and get some dairy products!