Cameron Chell shares a moving life lesson

Nov 1, 2022 Business

Cameron Chell Calgary is the first to tell you that impossible is a false assumption. He has lived proof of this.

His message is inspiring and compelling. It’s also rousing. His speech at TEDxMontrealWomen last Nov about the impossibility and possibility of life received a standing ovation.

Cameron Chell is the chief executive of Business Instincts Group. Venture creation firm Business Instincts Group curates and spins out tech startups. Cameron Chell has been an Entrepreneur since the 1990s.

Chell’s story is in line with the overall mission of TEDxMontrealWomen. This platform is part TEDWomen’s global community. It aims to inspire men and women and help them gain a better understanding of their behavior and how it impacts our lives.

Inaugurated in 2013, the Montreal Forum featured such inspiring speakers as Audrey DuBois Harris, internationally-acclaimed singer, and Wanda Bedard – a Montreal businesswoman and founder, 60 Million Girls, a foundation that helps girls in developing countries get education.

Chell’s fortunes were not always easy, as was the case with many other TEDxMontrealWomen speakers. Focusing on the next thing can help you achieve the impossible.

Chell was born in southern Alberta. Chell, who was 26 when he started his first business, despite not having graduated high school. This would become the foundation of cloud computing.

But, his fortunes were changing at the age of 32. His addiction to drugs was making him homeless.

Chell said that he only had one possession, his clothes. Chell didn’t get the car back but he could use it again.

“Since I couldn’t sell it, I loaned it out to street gangs to trade for drugs.” He said. He drove off trying to do the next impossible, staying clean and getting on with his life.

Chell stopped at a parking garage in the city’s outskirts. Although it was a small amount, Chell was able to claim it.

Chell drove 10 days to get to his brother in southern Alberta. He had hoped to get help. Chell stopped at Western Unions along his journey to refill his funds.

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