Adventure Travel should be fun and safe

Travel Mar 16, 2022

Although it is thrilling to see Indiana Jones run through dense jungles and escape rolling boulders, in real life very few people have ever lived such a life or taken up such dangerous vacations.

Adventure travel should be enjoyable and safe for most people. Although it may require some hardship and sweating, there should be minimal to no risk. It is possible to make adventure travel whatever you wish it to be. You might have to travel to exotic places, but it doesn’t have to. You might have to pay a lot or you might get it free. You can have an adventure if you travel anywhere and have an experience that excites you and gives you a break from the everyday.

Adventure travel can include activities like skydiving, mountain climbing, kayaking white water rapids, and photographing polar bears. These adrenaline-rushing activities can provide a deep sense adventure and excitement. Adventure travel does not have to be a long, tiring trip down the Mississippi River on a paddlewheeler or a walk through the English countryside looking for a particular bird species. Adventure travel can include a trip to the wineries in southern France, or a shell-collecting expedition at a remote Caribbean beach.

Here’s an interesting example. This guy from Taiwan decided to hitchhike for nine days. He even requested free food and accommodation from strangers on the trip. He was pleasantly surprised at the kindness of strangers he met. He was offered food, lodging, and transportation by many strangers. He did not climb any mountains or take off from a plane at the top of the sky during his journey. This is adventure travel. Absolutely!

Everyone has a different view of adventure travel. For a marine biologist, diving close to a sperm Whale would be a thrilling adventure. For poker players, however, the thrill of playing in Las Vegas casinos will be just as thrilling.

Adventure travel doesn’t necessarily have to be a journey out of your home country. Many interesting things are within reach of your home or within a short drive of your house. Exploring unexplored areas in the mountains and rivers near your home can be equally exciting. Take a look around the area where you lived, whether it’s a small or large city. There are many places that few people know about. It’s a great way to have fun and discover new places. These places could include small museums in the local area, houses of special importance (the birthplace a famous person), small sanctuaries of wildlife and flora as well as restored buildings and communities that date back to historical times. Hunting for great food in small, undiscovered corners of big cities can be thrilling, exhilarating and even fun.

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